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VestaCare’s mission is to secure and optimize the financial performance of healthcare delivery and the associated billing and payment services. The Company leverages its expertise and advanced technology for integrating with business systems to provide highly differentiated "Software as Service" electronic payment and financial data management technologies. With nearly twenty years of providing claim automation and ACH payment services to payers and third-party administrators, coupled with our proprietary “Dynamic Balance Adjusted” Secure Autopay payment plans supported by the VestaPay Patient Financial Management Platform, VestaCare is uniquely positioned to make healthcare more affordable for patients while enhancing financial performance for its customers. VestaCare’s founder and CEO Tom Brekka sums it up like this: “We originate from Silicon Valley with a mindset and approach to business characterized by continual innovation on all key fronts, including technology, human productivity and effectiveness, environment, and energy.”

Since 1998, Zotec Partners has developed and deployed solutions and services for healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties with proprietary technology, people-centric service, and measurable results. An innovator in the business of healthcare, Zotec delivers financial and patient experience solutions to providers that transform their healthcare business relationships and simplify some of the most complex processes in healthcare. Today, Zotec manages more than 80 million medical encounters annually, and counting, and is the chosen partner for thousands of providers across the nation, improving the lives and relationships of patients and providers through intuitive interfaces, revenue cycle processes, deep analytics, clear price transparency, actionable reporting, and intrinsic interoperability.

The days of calling patients and expecting to speak to them are over. Today, dialing outbound to try to find someone ready to talk is largely a waste of time. VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail changes the way call centers do business. We help organizations turn their outbound call centers into inbound resolution centers. Our clients deliver voicemails to thousands of patients in minutes. Then, because the patients know they have an obligation, your agents spend their day answering inbound calls from the ones that are ready to speak with you. VoApps DirectDrop Voicemail. Stop Calling. Start Talking to Patients.®